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SEM or search engine marketing is the effectual method of internet marketing for business entrepreneurs to place their websites perfectly on search engines. SEM is inclusive of website promotion by boosting the visibility in SERPs or search engine results pages. You can also see that SEM use SEO or search engine optimization technique that rewrites website contents for achieving optimal page rankings in search engines. Read along to know more about search engine marketing.


According to reliable reports, it was estimated that North American Advertisers shelled out approximately 20 billion for SEM in the year of 2012. The major SEM vendors were Baidu, Bing Ads and Google AdWords, all in the same year. Since 2006, SEM was becoming more popular than the conventional advertising companies were. This paved for more vendors in the field of online marketing.

Search engine management campaigns are done mainly in two ways. It can be done through an SEM tool provider or directly with an SEM vendor. This leaves two options in front of business owners. They can do SEM with the help of an advertising agency or on their own. It was during the mid and late nineties that search engines began to enable the public to seek information quickly on the internet. Search engines started to create more business models for financing their services. Business models like and pay per click programs were introduced. Later on changed the name to Overture.

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In the year of 2003, Yahoo absorbed Overture. Nowadays, Yahoo provides paid search opportunities for major online advertisers via Yahoo Search Marketing. Eventually, Google also started to provide the channel for online advertising via Google AdWords program. By the year of 2007, pay per click programs became primetime moneymakers for the search engines. Microsoft and Yahoo forged an alliance in this field that was predominantly dominated by Google. In February 2010, the official approval for the alliance was granted by the regulators in US and Europe.

SEO agencies started to expand their services to enable business establishments to know about the advantages of the advertising opportunities provided through search engines. This resulted in the upcoming of several new agencies that mainly focused on advertising and marketing via search engines. It is interesting to know that the term Search Engine Marketing was coined by Danny Sullivan in the year of 2001.

Nowadays, SEM covers the wide spectrum of the entire functions that are involved in SEO. These functions are inclusive of submitting sites to directories, development of online marketing techniques and the management of paid listings on the search engines.